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samedi 1 juillet 2017

Chers tous,
Dernière relecture de L’élève au cœur de sa réussite et il sera publié !
L'aventure continue !
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A très bientôt !

vendredi 30 juin 2017


Ne pouvant pas me rendre à EdYOufest, Madeleine Zapata-Boxberger a gentiment proposé de présenter quelques uns de mes projets. Voici le diaporama qu'elle utilisera en avant-première :)

samedi 17 juin 2017

New Skype Interview! Erin and Deek Rhew. Martin's article and Erin and Deek's feedback!

Martin, 10th grader, wants to share his views on our latest Skype interview:

On May 31, we had a Skype interview with two American authors, Erin and Deek RHEW, after having analyzed Erin’s novel’s incipit, an excerpt from “The Prophecy”. This cute couple could be described as funny, geeky, talented and beautiful, leading to one of the most enjoyable interviews of this year, even though the whole class had to overcome several technical problems!
But after a while, we managed to establish this extremely pleasant moment of learning.
The class was allowed to ask several questions about their jobs, their art and their daily lives. A curious student asked what their inspirations were, and while she admitted to be a Shakespeare’s fan, he confessed that he preferred Stephen King. They both write different genres, it appeared to the class that they were some kind of a “ying and yang” couple, fusional thanks to their differences, and thus an amazing group of writers!
By Martin

And here is Erin and Deek's feedback!

Deek and I were so pleased to have the opportunity to speak to Marie and her students via Skype to discuss our books--The Fulfillment Series and 122 Rules--as well as literature and writing. Throughout the whole process, Marie has been warm and open and such a pleasure to work with. And during our Skype call, her students asked intelligent, informed questions about us and our writing process. It was our great honor to participate in this amazing, international program with all of them.


Well, thank YOU for making my students dream!!!

Here are the slides:

mardi 21 mars 2017

Brand new project with Erin Gruwell and her students

Erin Gruwell, fellow top 50 finalist at the Global Teacher Prize, has accepted to Skype with my class and help my students analyze her students' diaries!
It is amazing!

dimanche 12 mars 2017

Eric Price's interview. By Noah.

Today was a great day again for our “Seconde” class. We have interviewed the charismatic American author, Eric Price. We have learnt very much about him, and about what he thinks and feels about literature. He has on this day written 2 fantasy novels, many short stories and articles. He has been living in the south of the U.S. for a few years, with his wife and 2 sons. Besides his writing he also helps his wife working on her family farm. He writes in the fantasy genre, and tells us that when he writes, he wants to write a book that somebody like himself when he was younger would have liked to read.
He confesses that, when he was young, he was not interested in reading. This was his short presentation, but we have learnt a lot more about him through our questions:

“How did the idea of becoming an author come to you?”
“I thought: authors are ordinary people, if they can write a book well so can I.”

“How much can you write in a day?”
“It all depends on my inspiration, I never set a limit on myself, some days I can write up to 3000 words, whereas sometimes I only write a 100.”

“Where do you work?
And where do you get your inspiration from?”
“I work in my office, on my desk, but I try to be as isolated as possible, not to get distracted by any interference or movement. I even often close the shutters, to be in my very own world and be able only to think about what I am writing.”

“Do your books convey any particular messages?”
“No, I don’t particularly try to convey any political messages through my stories. I feel like it could get stuck in time and dated, because with time things change, but the message would stay the same.”

“Do you have any writing routine?”
“I guess to a certain extent I do, I like to write my books in chronological order, from the beginning to the end. But if I think of a passage which seems to be later in time, I would keep it and insert it later on in the story.”

Eric Price reveals that writing a book is something very personal. For instance, he tells us that most of his characters come from people he admires, such as other authors, celebrities or even characters from other books. He also says that his writing depends a lot on his mood, he will write better if he is in a good mood.

And there ended our wonderful interview with the very interesting and inspiring Eric Price. It was another wonderful experience, thanks to our teacher Mrs. Fasquel for enabling us to meet and talk with authors, and to Eric Price for answering our questions.